Artist Statement


As a keen lover of travel and painting, my sketchbooks and paints always accompany me, ready to record ideas to work on when I’m back in my studio.

Some of my art was inspired from travels around the Mediterranean,  my curiosity about light and colour, and interest in mythology and architecture.

When at home I’m immersed in coastal life hearing and seeing the ocean from my studio.    My daily walks along the beach and over the headlands allow me to observe nature and feel a strong connection to my surroundings and this place I love.

The resultant paintings are grounded in nature.   From the colours, shapes and patterns formed by the water and sand, to trees and their windswept distortions… this landscape is constantly being shaped by the elements.

I work spontaneously using a variety of materials including gouache, ink, pastel and collage to add visual texture and depth to my art.